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Dosa Bhatti

Dosa Bhatti, Dosa Bhatti

Dosa Bhatti

In the huge scene of Indian cuisine, scarcely any dishes hold as much veneration and fame as the humble dosa. Starting from South India, this appetizing pancake-like delicacy has won the hearts and taste buds of individuals across the globe. While dosas can be found in various diners and cafés, there is one customary technique for cooking them that sticks out – the Dosa Bhatti.

The Dosa Bhatti is an interesting, particular oven utilized for getting ready dosas. It is a fundamental apparatus in the collection of South Indian cooks, who have excelled at making completely fresh and tasty dosas. The Bhatti is regularly made of iron or steel, with a wide and level cooking surface that equally conveys heat. It is filled with one or other charcoal or wood, giving the dosas an unmistakable smoky fragrance and taste.


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While modern cooking appliances have acquired prominence, the appeal and authenticity of the Dosa Bhatti stay unmatched. It preserves the age-old cooking procedures and associates us with the rich culinary heritage of South India. The Bhatti adds flavour as well as adds a hint of custom and wistfulness to the eating experience.

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