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Khoya Making Machine

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Unveiling the Future of Dairy: Leenova’s Khoya Making Machine

In the heart of every dairy kitchen, the quest for perfection and efficiency never ends. Enter the realm of Leenova Kitchen Equipments, where innovation meets tradition, giving birth to the ultimate solution for khoya production – the Leenova Khoya Making Machine. Crafted for excellence, this machine is not just equipment; it’s a revolution in dairy processing, designed to enhance productivity, maintain quality, and streamline operations.


SIZE LENGTH – 50″ WIDTH – 31″ HEIGHT – 40″


A Glimpse into Excellence: The Leenova Khoya Making Machine

Dimensionally designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen, the Leenova Khoya Making Machine stands at an impressive length of 50 inches, a width of 31 inches, and a height of 40 inches. Despite its robust size, it maintains an elegant footprint, weighing in at 180 kg, making it a substantial yet efficient addition to your dairy processing line.

At the heart of its design is the bowl, crafted from SS 304, ensuring durability, hygiene, and ease of cleaning. The bowl plate, thick at 18 mm, promises even heating and optimal temperature control, critical for producing perfect khoya. With a generous capacity of 120 litres and powered by a 0.5 HP motor, this machine is built to handle high volumes, making it ideal for both small and large-scale operations.


Transforming Dairy with Innovation

The Leenova Khoya Making Machine is not just about its specs; it’s about what it enables you to do. It’s about transforming raw milk into rich, creamy khoya, an essential ingredient in numerous delicacies, with unprecedented ease and efficiency. This machine is a testament to Leenova’s commitment to innovation, designed to save time, reduce labor, and cut costs, all while ensuring the highest quality of khoya.


The Benefits Unleashed

  • Efficiency at Its Best: With its significant capacity and powerful motor, this machine reduces cooking time, allowing for faster production cycles.
  • Unmatched Quality: The use of SS 304 for the bowl ensures that the khoya retains its natural taste, aroma, and nutritional value, meeting the highest standards of quality.
  • Ease of Operation: Designed with the user in mind, this machine is incredibly easy to operate, ensuring that you can produce khoya without the need for extensive training or expertise.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built to last, the robust construction and use of premium materials mean that the Leenova Khoya Making Machine will be a reliable part of your kitchen for years to come.


Why Leenova?

Leenova Kitchen Equipments stands at the forefront of kitchen innovation, with a legacy of crafting state-of-the-art equipment that empowers businesses. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction makes the Leenova Khoya Making Machine not just a purchase but an investment in your business’s future. With Leenova, you’re not just buying a machine; you’re embracing a partnership with a leader in kitchen equipment manufacturing.


Embrace the Future Today

The Leenova Khoya Making Machine is more than an addition to your kitchen; it’s a step into the future of dairy processing. With its unparalleled efficiency, quality, and ease of use, this machine is set to revolutionize how khoya is made, allowing you to stay ahead in the competitive dairy market. Don’t just keep up with the times; lead the way with Leenova.

Are you ready to transform your dairy production with Leenova’s Khoya Making Machine? Visit our website, explore the future of dairy processing, and take the first step towards unmatched efficiency and quality. Your journey towards excellence begins with Leenova.


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