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MS Pulveriser

M S Pulveriser, MS Pulveriser

In the bustling world of industrial processing, the MS Pulveriser has emerged as a cornerstone piece of equipment, pivotal for numerous sectors. Its versatility, efficiency, and robustness make it indispensable.


The Essence of MS Pulverisers

MS Pulverisers, crafted from high-grade mild steel, are designed for grinding a wide range of materials into fine powders. Ranging from spices in food processing to minerals in mining, these machines exhibit unmatched versatility. Their importance is magnified in sectors where precise particle size reduction is crucial.


Diverse Models for Tailored Needs

The MS Pulveriser series boasts a variety of models, each designed to cater to specific industrial demands. For instance, the compact 8″ MS Pulveriser, with its 15-20 kg per hour capacity, is perfect for small-scale operations. On the other end, the robust 14″ model, handling 70-80 kg per hour, is ideal for larger enterprises. The availability of models in stainless steel (SS) and aluminium (ELU) also adds a layer of customization, catering to specific material handling requirements.



8″ MS PULVERISER 8 x 4 37 27 16 33 15 – 20 KG
10″ MS PULVERISER 10 x 4 45 27 16 34 25 – 30 KG
10″ SS PULVERISER 10 x 4 40 27 16 34 25 – 30 KG
10″ ELU. PULVERISER 10 x 6 50 26 16 35 35 – 40 KG
12″ MS PULVERISER 12 x 5 61 32 18 40 40 – 50 KG
14″ MS PULVERISER 14 x 7 135 50 22 57 70 – 80 KG
8″ MS PULVERISER 8×4 37 27 16 33 15 – 20 KG
10″ MS PULVERISER 10×4 45 27 16 34 25 – 30 KG
10″ SS PULVERISER 10×4 40 27 16 34 25 – 30 KG
10″ MS PULVERISER (ALU. CHAMBER) 10×6 50 26 16 35 35 – 40 KG
10″ MS PULVERISER (ALU. DOUBLE CHAMBER) 10×6 + 8×4 50 26 16 35 35 – 40 KG
12″ MS PULVERISER 12×5 61 32 18 40 40 – 50 KG
14″ MS PULVERISER 14×7 135 50 22 57 70 – 80 KG


Key Features Across Models

  • Chamber Size: Varying from 8″ to 14″, the chamber size dictates the volume of material that can be processed, directly impacting the machine’s efficiency.
  • Weight and Dimensions: Each model’s weight and dimensions are thoughtfully designed to balance stability with space efficiency.
  • Capacity: Ranging from 15 kg to 80 kg per hour, these machines can accommodate both light and heavy-duty grinding tasks.


Benefits that Stand Out

  • Versatility: Capable of handling a range of materials, these pulverisers are a one-stop solution for multiple industries.
  • Efficiency: With capacities tailored for different scales, MS Pulverisers ensure optimal productivity.
  • Durability: Made from mild steel, these machines are built to last, ensuring long-term industrial performance.
  • User-Friendly: Easy operation and maintenance reduce the need for specialized skills, making them accessible to a broader range of users.


Practical Usages

From small-scale kitchens grinding spices to large manufacturing units pulverizing minerals, the applications are vast. Food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries particularly benefit from the precision and efficiency of Pulverisers. The ability to control particle size makes them indispensable in quality control processes as well.



These machines stand as a testament to the evolution of industrial grinding technology. Offering a blend of versatility, efficiency, and durability, they are pivotal in various sectors for meeting diverse pulverizing needs. Whether it’s a small-scale operation or a large industrial venture, there’s an MS Pulveriser model tailored to every requirement.


Ready to Enhance Your Industrial Efficiency?

Take the first step towards optimizing your production process. Explore the world of MS Pulverisers and unlock the potential of advanced grinding technology. The right machine not only streamlines your operations but also elevates your productivity to new heights. Don’t wait, transform your industry’s future today!


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