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Rice Milling Machine

Rice Mill Machine, Rice Milling Machine

Rice Milling Machine

Rice is a staple food consumed by more than half of the world’s population. With the increasing demand for rice, the importance of rice milling machines has grown exponentially. We are manufacturing two types of Rice Mill Machines,

  • Single

    • Description
    SIZE LENGTH – 28.5″ / WIDTH – 16″ / HEIGHT – 30″
    WEIGHT 52 KG.
    MOTOR 3 HP
    CAPACITY 100 – 120  KG. PER HOUR

  • Combo

    • Description
    SIZE LENGTH – 49.5″ / WIDTH – 16″ / HEIGHT – 43.5″
    WEIGHT 70 KG.
    MOTOR 3 HP
    CAPACITY 130 – 150  KG. PER HOUR



Usages Across Scales

Both the Single and Combo rice milling machines find their place in various settings. From small farms that require a reliable machine for daily milling to larger operations that need to process higher quantities efficiently, these machines offer tailored solutions. They’re also ideal for entrepreneurs looking to venture into the rice milling business, providing a scalable and efficient way to start.


In Conclusion

The right rice milling machine can make a significant difference in the quality and quantity of rice produced. Whether you opt for the Single or the Combo, you’re investing in efficiency, quality, and reliability. Embrace the change in your agricultural or business practices with these machines and watch productivity soar.

Remember, the choice of a rice milling machine should align with your operational scale and long-term objectives. Consider these options as a step towards modernizing and optimizing your rice milling process.



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