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Farsan Machine

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Unlock the Potential of Farsan Making with Advanced Farsan Machine

Farsan, a beloved snack in many parts of the world, especially in India, is not just a treat but a reflection of culinary art. The process of making these delectable snacks, however, can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. This is where Farsan machines come in, revolutionizing the way these snacks are prepared. These machines blend traditional flavours with modern efficiency, making them indispensable for businesses and food enthusiasts.



MODEL 7″ 9″ 10.5″
HP 0.5 1 2
RPM 1440 1440 1440
WEIGHT 55 80 137
LENGTH 40 46 61
WIDTH 11 13 16
HEIGHT 33 38 39
CAPACITY (Per Hour) 60-70 KG. 100-150 KG. 250-300 KG.


Understanding Your Farsan Machine Needs

When considering a Farsan machine, the primary factors to consider are the scale of production and the variety of snacks you intend to make. Are you a small-scale business or a large manufacturing unit? Your production needs directly influence the choice of the machine.


Key Features Across Models

The Farsan machines come in different models, each designed to meet specific needs:

  • 7-inch Model: Ideal for small-scale setups, this model with a 0.5 HP motor and a capacity of 60-70 kg per hour, is perfect for boutique snack shops or start-up ventures.
  • 9-inch Model: With a 1 HP motor, handling 100-150 kg per hour, this model suits medium-scale operations, striking a balance between efficiency and capacity.
  • 10.5-inch Model: The powerhouse among the three, equipped with a 2 HP motor and capable of producing 250-300 kg per hour, is tailor-made for large-scale commercial production.

All models maintain a consistent RPM of 1440, ensuring uniformity in production. Their compact dimensions – varying in length, width, and height – make them suitable for different workspace sizes.


Benefits of Using a Farsan Machine

  • Increased Production Efficiency: With capacities ranging from 60 to 300 kg per hour, these machines drastically reduce the time and effort needed in Farsan making.
  • Consistency in Quality: Uniform RPM and precise machine design ensure that each batch of Farsan has consistent quality and taste.
  • Scalability: Different models cater to varying business sizes, making it easier to scale up as your demand grows.
  • Cost-Effective: By automating the process, these machines reduce labour costs and minimize waste, thereby saving money in the long run.


Usage and Maintenance

Using a Farsan machine is straightforward. The raw materials are fed into the machine, and the finished product is collected, and ready for packaging or serving. Regular maintenance, primarily cleaning and occasional servicing, is needed to keep the machine in optimal condition.


Making the Right Choice

When selecting a Farsan machine, consider not just the production capacity but also factors like space availability, power consumption, and your specific product range. Investing in the right model ensures not just efficiency but also the growth and sustainability of your business.



Incorporating a Farsan machine into your production line is a step towards embracing modern efficiency without compromising on the traditional taste and quality of Farsan. Choose the right model to suit your needs and watch your business flourish with every batch of perfectly made snacks.


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