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Shrikhand Mixing Machine

Shrikhand Mixing Machine, Shrikhand Making Machine

Shrikhand Mixing Machine

Indulging in the creamy and rich flavour of Shrikhand, a traditional Indian dessert, is truly a heavenly experience. However, for commercial kitchens and food businesses, preparing Shrikhand in large quantities can be a laborious task. Introducing the Shrikhand Mixing Machine, a game-changer that simplifies the process, enhances productivity, and ensures consistent quality.


SIZE LENGTH – 32″ WIDTH – 22″ HEIGHT – 38″

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  • Time and Labor Savings: The machine significantly reduces the time and effort required for the mixing process, freeing up resources for other tasks.
  • Consistent Quality: With precise and consistent mixing, the Shrikhand produced maintains the same delicious taste and smooth texture every time.
  • Increased Production Capacity: Businesses can meet higher demands and scale their Shrikhand production without compromising on quality.
  • Cost-Effective: Although the initial investment is required, the long-term cost savings from reduced labour and increased efficiency make it a financially wise choice.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: The machine’s hygienic design ensures that the Shrikhand remains uncontaminated, adhering to food safety regulations.


Usage of the Shrikhand Mixing Machine:

Using the Shrikhand Mixing Machine is straightforward and can be easily incorporated into existing dessert production processes:

  • Preparing Ingredients: Measure and add the required ingredients for the Shrikhand recipe into the mixing bowl.
  • Setting Controls: Adjust the mixing speed and duration as per the recipe and desired consistency.
  • Mixing Process: Start the machine, and it will efficiently blend the ingredients to create a smooth and creamy Shrikhand.
  • Packaging and Serving: After mixing, transfer the Shrikhand into containers for packaging and distribution to eager customers.



The Shrikhand Mixing Machine is a valuable asset for businesses in the dessert industry, offering time and labour savings, consistent quality, and increased production capacity. With its user-friendly features and hygienic design, this machine is sure to revolutionize the way Shrikhand is made, ensuring delightful experiences for both manufacturers and consumers alike. Embrace the technology and witness a seamless transformation in your dessert-making process!


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