automatic atta chakki machine

Automatic Atta Chakki Machine

Fully Automatic Flour Mill, Automatic Atta Chakki Machine

Automatic Atta Chakki: The Fresh Flour Revolution for Modern Kitchens! In the realm of household appliances, the Automatic Atta Chakki Machine has emerged as a game-changer. In simple terms, it’s a flour mill for home use, designed to provide freshly milled flour whenever you need it. Description SIZE LENGTH – 20″ WIDTH – 15″ HEIGHT – 35″ WEIGHT 50 KG. CAPACITY 12 – 15 KG. per Hour HOPPER 5 KG. CHAMBER SIZE 9 x 4 MOTOR 2 HP Category: Food Processing Machinery   Unveiling the Benefits Health and Wholesomeness: The surety that you’re consuming pure, unadulterated flour without any additives or

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