orange juicer machine by leenova

Orange Juicer Machine

Orange Juicer, Orange Juice Machine, Orange Juicer Machine

Unlock the Freshness with Leenova’s High-Efficiency Orange Juicer Machine In the heart of every kitchen that prides itself on offering freshness and vitality, stands a gadget that transforms health and flavour into a daily ritual. Introducing the Orange Juicer Machine by Leenova Kitchen Equipments, a marvel of engineering designed to extract every drop of goodness from your favourite citrus fruits. With an ethos centred around innovation and quality, Leenova Kitchen Equipments presents this essential kitchen tool that promises to redefine your juicing experience. Description SIZE LENGTH – 17″ WIDTH – 11″ HEIGHT – 24″ WEIGHT 28 KG. CAPACITY 25-30 KG.

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